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Bremerhaven, Germany’s climate friendly city

Bremerhaven has taken up the cause of climate protection and designed an urban master plan with an active policy for mitigating climate change. As a major location for climate research and the production of wind turbines for the onshore and offshore wind energy industries, the city is aspiring to be the “climate friendly city”. On behalf of municipal authorities, a project group comprising well-known experts has devised the concept of “Climate Friendly Bremerhaven”.

Future actions taken by the city, its businesses and citizens will adhere to this guiding principle. The climate friendly city of Bremerhaven has set up working groups to ensure that objectives for climate protection are met. These groups are responsible for individual and cooperative projects helping to bring about a uniform and sustainable urban image.

At the same time it is important to stimulate a more intensive networking of existing “climate beacons” (Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research - AWI, the Klimahaus museum, the wind energy industry) and new cooperative ventures. In addition, progress towards creating a low-emission “Climate Friendly Bremerhaven” should be visible, documented and put across to the public in a transparent way so that people are given an incentive to change their behaviour in terms of climate protection.

Further information is available at externer Link:  www.klimastadt-bremerhaven.info