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Long quays, short distances

Shipping, port services and logistics are an important part of the economy in the power hub region. For decades these industries have put their stamp on the region as a result of their experience, their innovative ideas and their new concepts for working together. This provides a firm foundation for other sectors of the economy such as offshore wind energy.

The most up-to-date handling facilities, efficient overseas and domestic connections, logistics know-how as well as a superb network of specialist service providers ensure excellent conditions locally. The future is always part of our thinking: wide-ranging training and continuing education opportunities ensure that qualified specialist personnel are on hand. High-profile research institutes work in close collaboration with industry.

With Europe’s most important car handling facility and fourth-largest container port in Bremerhaven, and port infrastructures in Cuxhaven, Nordenham and Brake (coal, oil, timber, ores, steel products and project cargoes), the region has made a name for itself throughout the world in port logistics.

The economic strength of the ports has an impact across the entire region, where a varied and prospering supply industry has developed. Ranging from metal engineering and equipment construction to electro-technology and high-quality yacht design, the region’s enterprises can offer everything that growing sectors need.

Numerous logistics companies and logistics distribution centres in the region act as service providers for the handling of entire logistics chains, whether for the food industry, for sensitive, temperature-controlled goods (fish, meat, fruit), for wind energy logistics, for car and aviation logistics, or for the maritime economy, for example in the final equipping of cruise liners.

Countless businesses are finding tailor-made conditions for growth in the region on the river. The following list shows just a selection of them and is not fully comprehensive.

List of companies

Continuing to be innovative and applying knowledge – the region’s businesses can turn to a wide spectrum of science and research institutions. The following list shows a selection of such institutions and is not intended to be exhaustive.

List of science and research institutions

The vast number of existing networks helps established and new businesses to quickly and effectively explore common interests or take advantage of synergies. The following list shows a selection of such networks and is not intended to be comprehensive.

List of networks

With the foresight to counter the shortage of skilled workers – providing qualification and vocational training is what makes businesses successful. The following list shows a selection and is not a comprehensive one.

List of training institutions

The region’s core competences in the port and logistics sectors

  • Container handling, including associated services such as container leasing, repair, container packing, store-keeping, and the organisation of hinterland transport
  • Organisation and execution of pre- and post-haulage for container transport
  • Car handling with pre- and post-storage service
  • Non-containerised handling of general cargo, Ro-Ro handling
  • Handling and storage of temperature-controlled goods
  • Storage and handling of food and beverages such as coffee, cocoa, tea, tobacco, spices and other natural products
  • Contract logistics, project logistics
  • Offshore wind energy logistics (Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven, Brake and Nordenham)
  • Cruise logistics
  • Cuxport multi-purpose terminal

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