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Penthouse or thatched roof...

... apartment or detached family house? Affordable rents and comparatively low property prices allow residents to enjoy a high standard of living throughout the region. People live well here. And why not live where others take their holidays, within sight of the dyke or out in the countryside? You can make this happen here ― rural regions are well connected and offer all the facilities you need for your everyday essentials. Those looking for a busy urban life in places like Bremerhaven, Cuxhaven and Nordenham will find attractive properties close to the water’s edge as well as traditional older apartments near the city centre or family homes on the outskirts. Whether for work, sport or childcare ― short distances improve the quality of life and create room to breathe.

The websites of the municipalities involved provide full details on the attractive range of housing available.

You will find contact partners for each region on our Contact page.