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Shipbuilding and marine technology

More than just “big boats”

The maritime industry in the region has long since become a varied and highly innovative growth economy that includes not only shipbuilding.

The modern, efficient shipyard industry has become specialised in repairs, conversions and special orders such as complete ship extensions. Businesses in the region have also earned an excellent international reputation for building large yachts and special ships (supply ships and offshore installation vessels). The expansion of offshore wind energy is also giving a fresh boost to businesses engaged in the maritime industry.

A dense network of specialist suppliers and service providers for ships and shipping has developed near the shipyards throughout the region. The range of work is from electrical, equipment and mechanical engineering to surface treatments and the processing of metals. Interior designers, marine equipment suppliers, brokers and IT service providers are also found locally. The infrastructure is right too: Bremerhaven’s dock capacities are unique throughout Germany.

Cuxhaven is also home to numerous federal and state authorities responsible for marine and shipping services as well as for environmental protection and disaster prevention. The country’s Maritime Safety and Security Centre based here is engaged in hazard prevention, accident management and maritime surveillance along the coast and in the North and Baltic seas.

Marine technology in the region offers above all a future market for young, technology-oriented businesses. Bremerhaven’s research and development area is located close to the Alfred Wegener Institute for Polar and Marine Research, which acts as initiator and client and has a good infrastructure comprising, for example, a quay for research ships.

The “maritime campus” in Elsfleth, a centre for training and continuing education, teaching and research, is home to Jade University with its shipping faculty and to the North German Maritime Cluster. Bremerhaven University provides training in marine engineering, maritime technologies and cruise tourism management.

For a great number of companies, the region on the river provides tailor-made conditions for growth. The list that follows shows just a selection of such companies; the list is not comprehensive.

List of companies

Continuing to be innovative and applying knowledge – the region’s businesses can turn to a wide spectrum of science and research institutions. The following list shows a selection of such institutions and is not intended to be exhaustive.

List of research institutions

The vast number of existing networks helps established and new businesses to quickly and effectively explore common interests or take advantage of synergies. The following list shows a selection of such networks and is not intended to be comprehensive.

List of networks

With the foresight to counter the shortage of skilled workers – providing qualification and vocational training is what makes businesses successful. The following list shows a selection and is not a comprehensive one.

List of training institutions