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Food industry

Eating well

Fresh fish, top-quality food and a leading position in dairy production are other special features of the region.

At the centre of the Europe-wide trade in fresh fish – in the fishing ports of Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven – a fishing industry cluster has developed that comprises the industry’s entire value chain: medium-sized and large businesses that process fresh fish and seafood, packaging and storage operations, and hauliers specialising in refrigerated transport. More than 6,000 people in the region are employed in a food industry that is well placed to meet the challenges of tomorrow. This includes resource-friendly and sustainable production (MSC certification and organic products) as well as logistics experience and specialist expertise in dealing with sensitive foods. Innovation in the food industry involves constantly redeveloping products, technologies and processing methods. Research in aquaculture (recirculation technologies) is also taking new approaches.

The region’s close interlinking of industry and research is also advancing the transfer of knowledge gained in quality assurance and food research at the Bio Nord Biotechnology Centre Bremerhaven, the Technologie-Transfer-Zentrum Bremerhaven (ttz) and Bremerhaven University.

The Cuxhaven and Wesermarsch districts are among Germany’s largest dairy farming centres. With 50,000 cows and over 320 million kilograms of milk produced, Wesermarsch is one of the leaders in milk production in Germany. Around 130,000 cattle are also kept here. One of the world’s largest providers in the field of animal husbandry (producing vaccinations and feed additives for poultry) is in Cuxhaven. The Lower Saxony/Bremen Grassland Centre in Wesermarsch was awarded the title “A Place of Excellence in the Land of Ideas 2014”. A collaboration of research and industry is leading to new approaches in the sustainable management of pastures and meadows to preserve them as cultural landscapes in Germany’s northwest region.

For a great number of companies, the region on the river provides tailor-made conditions for growth. The list that follows shows just a selection of such companies; the list is not comprehensive.

List of companies

Innovativ bleiben, Wissen anwenden: Den Unternehmen in der Region steht ein breites Spektrum an wissenschaftlichen Enrichtungen zur Verfügung. Die nachstehende Liste ist eine Auswahl, die keinen Anspruch auf Vollständigkeit erhebt.

Zur Liste der wissenschaftlichen Einrichtungen

The vast number of existing networks helps established and new businesses to quickly and effectively explore common interests or take advantage of synergies. The following list shows a selection of such networks and is not intended to be comprehensive.

List of networks

With the foresight to counter the shortage of skilled workers – providing qualification and vocational training is what makes businesses successful. The following list shows a selection and is not a comprehensive one.

List of training institutions