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A strong economic force

North Sea, Jade, Weser – tourists enjoy visiting the region framed by three well-known stretches of water. In the urban areas of Bremerhaven and Cuxhaven and in the outlying Cuxhaven and Wesermarsch districts, tourism has long been a vital factor in the economy. The district of Cuxhaven alone, with tourist locations on the Wurster North Sea coast and the North Sea beach area in the city itself, boasts 6.5 million overnight stays every year. And more than 350,000 visitors to the seaside city of Bremerhaven book into its hotels annually. Day visitors from the surrounding holiday areas and cruise passengers are also drawn to its tourist attractions. Not least, some 2.3 million visitors stay in the Wesermarsch holiday area each year as well.

These figures give an idea not only of value creation and the tax revenues generated by hotels, the restaurant trade and businesses: they are responsible for many thousands of jobs linked directly and indirectly to the tourist sector.