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Construction Site Tour "Harbor Tunnel Cherbourger Street" in Bremerhaven

Harbor Tunnel Cherbourger Street

From left to right: Volker Detje, Dirk Thies, Ulf Voigts, Klaus Wirth, Stefan Grün, Guido Dieckmann, Doris Walleit, Corinna Brand © Office Regionalforum Unterweser

With the central traffic infrastructure project "Port Tunnel Cherbourger Street", a high-performance transport connection of the overseas port and the harbor-like industrial areas to the A27 motorway will be ensured. During a tour of the port tunnel construction site in the summer of 2018, the members of the "Neighborhood Business Development" working group were able to gain interesting insights into the construction project.

The project manager Dirk Thies explained the design of the tunnel route to the participants. The harbor tunnel is a near-surface, open-plan tunnel constructed as a so-called "open trough" with one north and one south tube each. In the trough construction method, soil is excavated in individual sections of the tunnel in an elongated excavation pit and provided with a concrete floor. Concrete walls stabilize the sides. Finally, the open tubes are provided with a cover.

After completion, the Port Tunnel project will also bring significant improvements for residents in the area of ​​Cherbourger Street in terms of noise and air pollutants.

Almost half of the approximately two kilometer long concrete pipe is already finished in the shell. By 2020, the tunnel will be opened to traffic.