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The Cherbourger Strasse port tunnel, Bremerhaven

Bremerhaven is one of Europe’s most important seaports. The port’s handling capacity has gone from strength to strength. This applies above all to labour and transport intensive areas, to handling containers, and not least, cars. In the long term, experts expect potential demand for container handling to reach around 8.5 million TEUs.

Expansion of the transport link from ports to the A27 motorway

To secure port handling and the link to the hinterland in future, the city needs a transport infrastructure that works. The port tunnel, a key transport infrastructure project, will in future guarantee an efficient link from the overseas port and neighbouring commercial areas to the A27 motorway.

At the same time, the tunnel will come as a great relief to those living nearby who presently have to endure an enormous volume of traffic. The tunnel will significantly reduce noise and exhaust pollution.

Further information can be found at  externer Link:  www.hafenanbindung-a27.de