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Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries and Fisheries Ecology in Bremerhaven

View of the fishery port: on the left the shell of the Thünen Institute for Sea Fisheries and Fisheries Ecology, on the right the fishery research vessel "Walther Herwig III" (© Thünen-Institut/Anne Schütz)

In Bremerhaven, a joint laboratory and office building will be set up for the two Thünen institutes for Sea Fisheries and Fisheries Ecology. The merger of the two institutes in Bremerhaven has laid the foundations for an even more effective fisheries research in Germany. Especially for the Institute of Fisheries Ecology, which is currently distributed over four sites in three North German cities, synergy effects and work facilities will be created.

The new construction of the two Thünen institutes is being built on a 12,600 m² site on the quay in the fishery port. As a result of the waterside location, research vessels such as the "Walther Herwig III", the flagship of German fisheries research, can be docked and unloaded directly at the institute's premises.

The relocation of the two specialist institutes to Bremerhaven is to be completed by May 2018.